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If you're feeling stuck and that there's more to life than what's going on now, download my guide to help you find out what needs to change.

In my experience, once you've got that niggle in your head asking if there's more to life than this, it doesn't go away.

And it's not always what you think either!

My free guide is designed to help you look at what's really going on in your life and work out what needs to change.


It's a step by step guide to help you find out where you're struggling and how to make some easy first steps in your own way.

So sign up below and see what's possible for you.

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The world has changed in the last couple of years so it's no surprise that your expectations have too. But recognising that you want things to change and actually doing something about it are often worlds apart.


If this sounds like you:

  • Feeling stuck

  • Feeling uncomfortable

  • Feeling frustrated

  • Feeling like there's more to life than this

  • You look around and can't see your future in this place

  • Feeling like you're being ungrateful for what you already have

  • Feeling like you've outgrown where you are

  • You think it's a phase and if you just distract yourself it will go away


This workshop is designed to help you get clarity on what it is exactly that you want because without clarity, there's just a vague idea that things are wrong and you can't take mindful action on a vague idea.


What we will cover:

  • Getting clarity on what really needs to change in your life, instead of dancing around the outskirts of it

  • Working out what you actually want in a highlighted area

  • Finding your vision for the coming year

  • Getting clear on your next steps towards that vision

  • All done in your way, at your own pace


We are all different and this workshop is designed to help you make the most of your unique skills, strengths and way of life. There isn't any pushy, unattainable step by step program, this is designed to help you find your own steps.


You will come away with a plan that you're comfortable with to start moving towards a life filled with purpose and joy. At your own pace.


It will be recorded so if you're unable to attend on the day, register and you'll receive the recording after we've finished.

The price is only  £25 per ticket and you can book by clicking the button below