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Work With Me

Whether you're looking for some helpful tools, supportive group work or transformational one-to-one sessions, here are the ways you can work with me.

If there's something you are interested in that you can't see at the moment, please get in touch to let me know and we can put our creative minds to work finding some options!

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Engage your creative mind with care
Video series

Video series allowing you to work at your own pace on engaging your creativity whilst looking after yourself.

Hints and tips for those with neurodiverse-leaning brains and exercises to move you forward with care.

Coming soon!

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Nurture your creative ideas together
Group workshop series

Group workshop & mastermind series meeting over Zoom to share and encourage each others ideas. Ideal for neurodiverse-leaning brains with an abundance of ideas to improve an area that fills you with passion. Designed to be a nurturing, safe space to share and support each other.

Dates & costs TBC

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Unleash your wild ideas with confidence & compassion
Transformational one-to-one coaching programme

Deeply transformational one-to-one coaching for neurodiverse-leaning brains who have a strong, passionate yearning to have more impact in the world. The programme consists of 12, 90 minute, one-to-one coaching sessions over Zoom where we will cover tuning into your vision, how to turn it into reality without getting overwhelmed or burnt out, all while finding deep compassion and understanding for yourself.

Available now for £1,980

I see you. You want to harness your passion for good, to bring justice to the inequality or unfairness that you can see and know how to change. But how do you do that when you’re so tired and unbalanced all the time?


The idea of a neatly laid out strategy seems like a great idea, but it’s trapping you into old ways that don’t work for you. Following a ten-step plan to get efficiently from A to B doesn’t work for you and your wild brain. What happens at step 2 when something new and shiny catches your eye or you’re too exhausted and unmotivated to do the work.


I’ve been there and it sucks. You know there’s a different way but you haven’t quite found it yet. You’ve tried the “no-fail” and “simple steps” to greatness and beyond but something is off about these plans. They never really work for you and that increases your feeling of being “other”.


What you really need is something that takes into account you and your unpredictability. The inconsistency you feel like you can’t plan for and a way of getting you back on track when you’ve wandered off for a while. A way of looking after yourself while doing the work that you’re passionate about.

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