About Me

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s the expectation was that you went to school, followed by college, uni or a first rung job. Then you’d follow the same career path for the rest of your life.

Like many others I’m sure, my life didn’t take this exact route.

At 18 I knew there was something going on in my head, but with no Google at the time I didn’t know what. I went to my doctor for some answers, who just told me I needed to get a boyfriend.


I drank to feel more sociable and lead a ‘normal’ lifestyle, but would spend days afterwards in total fear and anxiety, not realising at the time the cause and effect.


Ten years later when I was experiencing frequent panic attacks on my commute to work I went to see a new doctor who prescribed me antidepressants, which helped me to regain some stability.


Fast forward another ten years and I’d found myself in a career I didn’t want to be in anymore. But the thought of changing this felt so overwhelming that I made every other change I could think of instead. I moved home, quit smoking, got my drinking under control and generally began taking care of myself.


Still feeling frustrated in my job I turned to my new friend Google and asked “What do you do if you want to change career, but you don’t know what to do?”


A career coaching website popped up and I immediately signed up for their emails. But my utter fear at making a career change meant it was another 18 months before I actually attended one of their webinars. When I did, I realised making a life change didn’t mean I had to do it all at once (phew!) and could do so gradually. Taking this first step made the ones that followed feel a lot less scary.

One of my first steps (or should I say 500 miles) was deciding I’d walk The Camino De Santiago. I had a year to train for the walk, and in that time I also trained as a coach and started my coaching business.

When I started walking, I honestly thought I wouldn’t finish the Camino, and there were days that my legs thought the same! In the end my mindset proved to be the most important thing in reaching my goal. People often say to me that they wouldn’t be able to do something like that.


The truth is anyone can do anything, but some things will be more challenging than others.  For example, if you’re 50 and you want to be an astronaut, you know that Nasa won’t take you. However you could train yourself up, create your own space programme and launch yourself off into the unknown. Yes, it would take a shit ton of money, and effort, which probably means you won’t do it - but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

In fact, whilst it may not always look how you thought it would, I’m yet to find an example of something that cannot be done. So tell me, what is it that you want to do…