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Igniting your passion while discovering self-compassion

I see you. You want to harness your passion for good, to bring justice to the inequality or unfairness that you can see and know how to change. But how do you do that when you’re so tired and unbalanced all the time?


The idea of a neatly laid out strategy seems like a great idea, but it’s trapping you into old ways that don’t work for you. Following a ten-step plan to get efficiently from A to B doesn’t work for you and your wild brain. What happens at step 2 when something new and shiny catches your eye or you’re too exhausted and unmotivated to do the work.


I’ve been there and it sucks. You know there’s a different way but you haven’t quite found it yet. You’ve tried the “no-fail” and “simple steps” to greatness and beyond but something is off about these plans. They never really work for you and that increases your feeling of being “other”.


What you really need is something that takes into account you and your unpredictability. The inconsistency you feel like you can’t plan for and a way of getting you back on track when you’ve wandered off for a while. A way of looking after yourself while doing the work that you’re passionate about.

Bring your vision to life

Does this sound like you?


🎈 You feel like you have a bigger calling to contribute to the world - whether it’s in your local community, something affecting society as a whole or the current culture we’re living within


🎈 You're tired, got so much going on and feel like you're all over the place

🎈 When you think about starting something new, you suddenly freeze because of the amount of work you've now realised it might take (and let's face it, even the idea of cleaning the kitchen these days feels exhausting)

🎈 You want to find a way to get out and make these changes without having to bully your brain into submission

🎈 You're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the problem or all of your ideas and you aren't sure where to start

I don't know about you, but I feel tired just thinking about these things!

The great news is that these are exactly the kind of subjects we can work on to bring your vision to life.

🌟 It is possible to contribute without having to sacrifice your family, mental health and sleep

🌟 It is possible to look after yourself and your needs in a way that works for you

🌟 It is possible to be excited at the idea of working on your passions whilst taking it in your stride

🌟 It is possible to do things your way, without the pressure of working to someone else's rules

There is so much going on in the world that could be different and we need creative agents of change like you to help make them a reality.  I will help you harness your natural creativity so you can apply it not only to having impact in the world, but also to yourself.

About Me
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About Me

I have spent most of my career in IT fixing people’s problems so they can get on with their working day.  I have always enjoyed helping people to resolve their issues so, when I felt like I needed a change of direction, I found Transformational Coaching and it has been a perfect fit.  I trained with Animas Centre for Coaching in London and am also a certified as Trauma Informed.

Coaching has helped me realise dreams I thought were out of my reach, or hadn’t even considered, such as creating my own business and helping people to achieve their own dreams. Learning that I had ADHD and ASD has unlocked a deeper understanding of how my brain works and enabled me to find a kindness and compassion for myself that had previously been lacking.

I love working with passionate people who have a strong sense of justice and want to make more impact in the world. I’m committed to helping you find your inner strength and power to enable you to make the changes you care about.  All from a position of deep self-compassion and kindness.

"Kirsti provided me with a space where I felt listened to and where we could really hash out and problem solve my personal and professional challenges."

"Kirsti has a friendly and thoughtful way of coaching. She really helped me uncover things that were getting in my way and helping me to see them (and myself!) differently."

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