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Compassionate tech support for small business owners

Running your own business can be difficult enough at times, but when the tech goes wrong or you have questions, who do you get help from?


You’re an intelligent person, so you decide to Google the issue looking for answers but end up with more questions than you got answers!


Maybe your partner or kids helps you out when you’re having issues, but they don’t always resolve the problem as you’d like it and you’re not sure if their opinions are right for your business.


This is not a fault with you. No-one taught you this stuff and you’ve managed to get along ok so far, but now you’re in an area you’re not sure about so someone you know is better than nothing.


They’re definitely better than trying to find a potentially patronising, unfriendly, typical tech person who’ll charge you a fortune and still leave you bewildered!


I work with coaches and small business owners to help you work out ad-hoc problems, give advice but not force you down a particular road, help you get organised and streamline your business or just give you the basics to do the thing you love without worrying about the setup.


A lot of the people I’ve ever spoken to about tech issues start the conversation with something like “I’m sorry, I don’t really know what I’m talking about” or “I don’t know anything” or “I know a bit, but I’ve got lost looking at this”.


It’s absolutely fine – if you were all experts, I wouldn’t have a job! And let’s face it, I couldn’t walk into your job and pick it up with no training or understanding of the basics.


As well as having worked in IT support for 20+ years, I’m a trained coach so I come to you with care and will work with you to find solutions. There’s no right way that works for everyone and you’re an individual with your own combination of knowledge and issues, so we start there.


For those of you who want to get on with just doing the work of your business without getting overwhelmed by all the other stuff, I have a tech starter package which brings together the main components you need for digital marketing/online presence.


I provide ad-hoc support at a standard hourly rate if you just want some one-off help with something and if you want some ongoing help, we can discuss that too.


If you want to know more, book in a free chat with me to get half an hour for advice or next steps with no pressure to do more.

What I do
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Ad-hoc support

£60 per hour

I set up ad-hoc support for when you can't sort something out yourself and don't know who to turn to. There are plenty of businesses offering ongoing support, but not many offering to help you sort out one problem that you're struggling with.

I'll save you time trying to work out what the issue is and how to fix it without learning a new skill you didn't want to know about!

These are the kind of things I cover:

  • ​Hardware faults

  • Advice

  • Research for new equipment/software/ upgrades

  • Software faults

  • Problem solving

  • Training – simple Q&A sessions, training on specific products/best-practice, user guides

What I do
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Starter Package


Everything you need to get started and organise your business. This is designed to take the fear out of online marketing, organising your schedule and get a website that tells people what you do. Perfect for coaches or small business owners.


  • Domain registration and email setup

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 (if appropriate)

  • Website including subscription box to mailing list

  • Email Marketing and mailing list setup

  • Calendly setup and integration

  • Zoom setup and integration

  • Streamlining personal and business calendars & email

  • Synchronising across devices where appropriate

  • GDPR overview with privacy policy

  • Professional and compassionate guidance

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Ongoing monthly support


Blocks of hours


Ongoing monthly support is similar to having a kind of tech VA in your pocket. But with actual technical skills!

This is for when you want the peace of mind of having someone you can offload the things you don't have time for or don't want to learn about.

Dependent on availability and work required. Please get in touch to discuss options.

About Me

I was one of those kids who didn't really know what they wanted to do with their careers and fell into IT Support as I was interested in how computers worked and wanted a challenge.


I spent most of my career working in the NHS and realised the part of the job I loved the most was helping people fix their problems so they can get on with their working day. I also love giving them guidance on how to stop it happening again or finding better ways to work, but not everyone wants or needs that information.

I love learning new things and it thrills my neurodivergent nature to play with new toys, especially when they make something easier to do.

I have always enjoyed helping people to resolve their issues and in another life I would probably have been a teacher.

In this life, I love working with passionate people who are out there changing the world. I’m committed to helping you get on with the work you enjoy without worrying about the tech you need to do it.  All from a position of deep self-compassion, kindness and fun.

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About Me
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