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Women are absolutely incredible and capable of so much. A lot of women have grown up with the idea that we’re not as strong as men or that we can only excel in certain areas. Thankfully these ideas are being blown apart all over the place by many extremely successful women but unfortunately, what we’re fed through the press, media and advertising shows that we either should be doing everything really well or that we should be a certain way to show that we’re a success.

I watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix last week and although I thought she made some excellent points. Women are so often judged on what they look like – how they dress, their makeup, their hair, how well they’ve aged – and much more so than men. For famous women it’s even worse and for every step they take, someone is commenting on what they wear and how they look.

After the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, there were a lot of negative comments about J-Lo and what she was wearing but what I loved was the amount of people on Instagram asking people to consider that actually, she’s 50 years old and just done a performance that most of us couldn’t do when we were in our twenties. I haven’t actually seen it but these messages of support and encouragement to think or behave in a different way made me feel good.

The amount of hours in TV programming that are dedicated to discussing what women wear and whether they’ve made some kind of mistake in public is incredible. After every award show or red carpet there are always articles showing who looked great and who looked shit (in someone’s opinion).

Imagine if you were one of these women who were just trying to do their job and getting criticised for a by-product of it. Imagine if your colleagues or peers were looking down their noses at what you wear and look like. Then a load of people you don’t even know being really unkind all over the Internet or sharing the horrible words someone else has written about you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been guilty of this in the past and there are times when I still judge people in my head before I’ve had a chance to get to know them but I’m trying really hard not to do that now. It’s unfair and I wouldn’t like it if people did that to me. As women, we’re judged so much and so harshly all the time and I really feel like that needs to change.

What I want to spread the word about is that women can be whatever they want to be without that inner judgement which comes from outside us. When we’re told we should be a certain way, anything else leads us to believe we’re wrong or different. I believe that we are all different and what makes us happy is different for everyone.

We should try being supportive rather than judgemental. After all, it makes us feel much better too if we aren’t feeling negative towards someone!


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