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I've been giving myself a bit of a hard time the last couple of weeks as I've been feeling run down. I know it's because I'm not eating properly and not exercising as much as I feel I ought to and also because I’m going to start walking for about 600 miles at the beginning of May (Camino de Santiago) and I don’t feel prepared.

I keep wishing I could go back to this time last year when I booked this trip and start my regime properly. I mean, I did start then and although it tailed off a little towards the end of last year, it did actually begin then.

I’ve wanted to do this walk for a long time and wasn’t sure I’d ever do it - partly because getting the time off work would be difficult but also because I have a tendency towards unhealthy food and sitting on my sofa! I realised early last year that I wanted something to aim for, something to get me going and something to achieve. This seemed ideal.

To be fair, I have worked pretty hard over the last 14 months, and especially this year. I’ve committed to walking Saturday and Sunday every weekend, I walk during the week and end up exercising 5-6 times a week. My diet isn’t ideal but I can feel my body getting stronger and the exercise I do regularly is getting easier.

This isn’t the only thing I’ve committed to this year. I’ve handed in my notice at my main job as I’m committed to making my coaching business a success. I’m also doing a Spanish evening course to help me when I do my walk as it’s in Spain.

The problem with all these commitments is that they each take time. So when I just want to sit on the sofa, I can’t because I’ve got to do my Spanish homework, or make some food, or go for a walk. Ugh!

The great thing about these commitments is that they’re reminding me that I have a purpose in my life and getting me up off that sofa and into the gym or out to the countryside. I’m feeling so positive about the future that I want to get everyone else around me in the same position.

Having commitments reminds me why I’m alive and how much I have to look forward to in the future. It keeps me getting up at 05:30 to exercise before I go to work, it keeps me spending time on promoting my coaching business, it also keeps me trying to look after what I eat a bit better (especially when I’ve been walking after a night out!).

Commitment is also about keeping your focus on something. At the moment, my two main focuses are the walk and the coaching. The two massive things I want to do the most and that occupy my mind about 90% of the time. Keeping my eyes on these two remind me why I’m doing everything else in my life. They make everything else in my life make sense.

What can you commit to that will make your life make a bit more sense?


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