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This week I’ve spent my time slowly getting into my new routine. It’s been interesting and I’m enjoying having other people around most of the time. To get me back to working on my business, I’ve been revisiting what I want to do over the next few years and why I wanted to do it in the first place. The joy of dreams is when you get to implement them and start working towards something you really want to do.

It reminded me of why I left my job in the first place. I don’t think I fully realised how unhappy I’d been while working and it wasn’t necessarily to do with having a job I didn’t enjoy or colleagues I didn’t like because that wasn’t true a lot of the time. However, I looked at the future of working there and realised that it didn’t excite me. I didn’t look around me and want to be in a more senior position in the organisation. Actually, that’s not strictly true, I did want to be but only to implement some changes that I felt were sorely needed. The reality is that it’s never that easy to be in charge and there are a whole world of other problems that come along with that kind of seniority.

The point is, I didn’t want to progress in the organisation and then I realised that I didn’t even want to work in IT anymore. That was such a shocking realisation that it really gave me the fear. I actually got scared because I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I mean, I couldn’t leave because I was earning a decent wage and had bills to pay. I couldn’t start again because then I wouldn’t be earning the right amount of money. And oh my god, what the hell was I going to do??!!

Having a world full of possibilities was not a positive idea for me. It completely freaked me out and I had no idea how I could make a start on changing careers or leaving my comfortable job. I started putting out feelers for ideal jobs that I’d made up in my head (all the good stuff I’d enjoyed, none of the crap that goes along with it) but funnily enough, that job didn’t really exist. Or not that I found in 2-3 years of searching!

It was actually coaching that saved me and got me to narrow down what areas I might like to work in. And in those areas, some possible job ideas. It was then some small steps to find out more about these jobs that I didn’t know about and there were plenty of options for me to try. There were also plenty of opportunities for me to ask those who already did these jobs for information. Or ask organisations about training and whether I could do it in tandem with my job so I didn’t lose any money.

After I started doing that, it quickly snowballed into signing up for my coaching course then actually coaching people – I did wonder how anyone was letting me near people to help them achieve their goals! Now I’ve got some big plans and I can’t wait to start on some of my ideas to see if they will work. And I’m not scared about whether there are loads of opportunities to try new things. I actually welcome new ideas that might work.

All of this took about 5-6 years to go from realising I didn’t enjoy my job to finding something to retrain in, starting my own business and leaving my job to pursue what I love doing. Now, I want to make sure I’m there for the ladies who are a similar position. It’s not just about changing careers either, just those of you who feel like something needs to change. You might not even know what it is but you have that feeling that something isn’t quite right.

It’s much easier to do when you have someone who can help you explore your options and make a plan, rather than freaking out about the enormity of your realisation and running scared for months at a time and just trying to ignore that you ever thought it in the first place!

So dream big, massive dreams and know that you can achieve them. You just need a bit of a plan and someone to talk it out with 😊.


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