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Since I’ve been back from the Camino, things have felt a little strange and disjointed. Being away for 6 weeks, you build a whole new routine and it’s almost like living a new life. I enjoyed the routine I got into and even when some days were a bit hard or hot or long, I still mostly did the same things in the afternoon, evenings and first thing in the morning. I did those things almost every day for 6 weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever been that regular at home!

While I was walking, I was really excited to think about how I was going to plan out my days when I returned home. I could do whatever I wanted! I could get up at 06:00 or 12:00 if I wanted to. I could work for 3 hours a day or 14 if I wanted to. I could cram it all into 2 days or stretch it over the whole week. This is one of the joys of working for yourself - unlimited freedom to make your day look as you please.

I tried to take a fairly balanced approach and decided that I definitely wanted to exercise every day but I obviously couldn’t fit in 5 or 6 hours a day, so I’d go back to 30 minutes or so that I was doing previously. I could chuck some yoga in there sometimes too. I could cook more as I would be at home so freshly cooked meals every day and all sorts of cuisines on the go whenever I felt like it! This was going to be bliss!

But the trouble is that when I came to trying to make this work, I either had too much stuff going on at one time or not enough at others. Where was work supposed to fit into all of this as well? What about holidays – after all, I want to be travelling a lot too. That’s the whole point of working mostly online or via telephone isn’t it?

Eventually I got myself an ideal day and tried to settle down into this but after having a couple of weeks where I flitted in and out of the house and my home village, I found it difficult to actually do any of the things I’d wanted to. The other thing I found was that I was completely unfocused and not really very happy.

So I finally started the routine. And after a week of (mostly) keeping to it, I feel much more happy. I’ve got time during the day to be flexible (or a bit floaty) and I’ve also got time to exercise. I’ve learned that freedom is great but structured freedom is even better (for me).


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