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Mixed Emotions

What a week!! I’m not even sure where to start but I’m assuming you’ve probably had a similar one. I spent most of last week staying fairly calm and not panicking because I know where that leads. It’s not constructive and I tend to make rash decisions. It’s difficult not to when all you’re bombarded with is the worst possible slant on every angle of a problem.

This isn’t the first time and I doubt it will be the last when I comment on the utter disregard the press has for the people who consume what they produce. There is far too much personal opinion and not enough facts for my liking. The headlines, articles and filmed clips are all designed to sensationalise the crap out of every story they put out. Unfortunately, this makes everyone panic and the situation gets worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that things aren’t bad but I feel like the way everything has been portrayed means that people are completely freaking out that they can’t buy what they need or that everyone is going to die. Which leads onto more panic buying and less for people who really need it.

Anyway, so that has been some of the low points of my week. On the upside, I have been doing some contracting work for my previous employers as I needed a financial boost to go travelling in May & June. It was kind of good timing actually because I used to work for the NHS and it’s been lovely seeing some of my friends there again. I also love that feeling of people pulling together when there’s a problem to be solved.

Obviously now the trip has been cancelled but I’m happy to stay and work there while they need help. It’s going to be a long slog out of this situation and even if people can start going out again in a few weeks time, there’s going to be a lot of clearing up to do afterwards!

I’ve also realised how resilient I can be. When faced with all these new challenges, I’m looking for the positives in them all and trying to keep a positive attitude (which is particularly hard when faced with a barrage of negativity from all directions). If I start feeling a bit concerned, I remember all the things I learned from having what felt like almost constant anxiety throughout my twenties and early thirties. It’s been working pretty well so far and I think the sun shining all the time at the moment really helps that!

There is also part of me that’s intrigued about what will happen after we’re clear to go about our “normal” lives. I’m already looking at the TV and thinking that people are too close to each other. I’m assuming that will change at some point and we’ll go back to how we were. Maybe we’ll be closer? Maybe not? Maybe the planet will have healed a little? Maybe we will appreciate each other a little more?

Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to finding out and finding new ways of dealing with life’s ups and downs.

If you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed or worried then please don’t feel like you’re alone. You can contact me by phone on 07570 775720, email on or book in for one of the free coaching sessions I’m offering here


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