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Perseverance is a long word that makes me feel tired just reading it. It also makes me think of strongmen pulling buses or people in the gym huffing and puffing to just push through their workout. Part of me thinks “why would you put yourself through all that?” and “wow, that looks painful”.

There’s also a part of me that says “it might be painful, but look at what they achieve in the end”. That voice is quite small because I feel like I’m naturally a pretty lazy person, especially when it comes to exercise. I mean, if someone could invent an all-over exercise machine that makes me fitter while I’m lying in bed, that would be amazing!

These people are working towards their dreams though and that’s pretty cool. They’re putting the hard effort in and keeping going even when they probably want to stop. When it gets hard, they dig in and keep going.

All that work seems hard though. And hard work is, well, hard isn’t it? And hard work all the time would mean that life would be even harder wouldn’t it? Absolutely not! As I said on my post about practice, it gets easier. In fact, it becomes ingrained in your life the more you do it and it actually can become something you enjoy.

If you truly want the change you’re working towards, perseverance is key. You have to do it on the days you don’t feel like it, as well as the easy days. When you wake up in the morning and want to just stay in bed, instead of going to the gym, those are the days that perseverance comes in. And those are the days that will often be the ones that cement your resolve.

So yes, perseverance can be hard but in the pursuit of your dream, surely it’s worth it?


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