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So the clocks changed on Saturday night and I thought I’d take full advantage by going out and having a few drinks. I got a little bit carried away but came home at a reasonable hour, had a rubbish night’s sleep and woke up feeling tired.

I then had the longest day ever because the clocks had gone back and it didn’t turn out to be the enjoyable, relaxing day that I’d planned. And I also didn’t do all the things that having an extra hour would give me the time to do (like get off the sofa and do a bit of work).

It’s funny how our plans can change, even with the highest motivation and enthusiasm available to us, we don’t always do what we’d planned. I know for me that sometimes comes from feeling like I have to do these things and a voice inside me pipes up and says “Not right now, you can do it later. Plenty of time to do that.” Or “Can’t be bothered now”.

I find it difficult sometimes to overcome those voices and just get on with it. Sometimes I don’t even bother but I always find the work I need to do or the book I want to read or the cleaning that needs to be done will eventually have to be started. I am the queen of procrastination!

But something has changed a little recently and I’ve found myself doing things as soon as they pop into my head. Sometimes it’s because I’m scared that if I put it off I’ll forget it completely but sometimes I just remember how good it feels to get something done and off my to-do list. Not having it whirling around in my head, nagging at me when I’m relaxing (or being lazy). When I actually do that thing, or at least get it started, I feel good. Like I’ve achieved something. And then it frees up some room in my head for nice thoughts. Like where I can go on holiday next, or whether to go out for dinner at the weekend.

One of the things I did manage to do on Sunday though was go out for a bit of a walk. I sometimes purposely go out on the train so I have to leave my car at the train station then go to collect it the next day. It makes me do some exercise and get out for a while. If the weather had been nicer the last week I’d have walked the 3 miles there across the fields but as there had been biblical-style deluges, I decided to get the bus and just walk the last mile or so.

It really helped me to get some motivation back into the day and enable me to get stuff done. I did toy with the idea of putting it off then collecting it Monday morning but that just would have been a pain. And I’m so glad I just went and did it. It meant that I exercised, collected my car and did some shopping so 3 things that would have churned over all day were now done by 13:00!

Starting tasks often feels difficult, especially when your mind builds them up to be huge, nightmarish jobs that will take all your energy and time. But most of the time, that just isn’t the case and it might inspire you to do even more with your spare energy and time.


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