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YAY, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Ahem, sorry about that, just thought I’d go with the theme 😊.

Actually, I am feeling pretty good this week after spending a weekend learning about positive psychology and how to use that in coaching. It was really interesting and left me feeling optimistic about all the ways I can bring this into my own life as well as the lives of my clients.

I don’t know about you, but I know that things feel much easier when I’m optimistic and positive, rather than when I’m grumpy and pessimistic. Work is more easy to get on with, chores aren’t quite as boring and even life’s challenges are easier to overcome. One of the things we learned is that ideas flow more easily when we’re being positive so if we’re feeling stuck or don’t know how to proceed with something, coming at it from a more positive mindset can really help us find creative solutions.

I have traditionally taken a fairly negative view with most things and although I don’t feel like that has adversely affected the path of my life so far, I know how much better I feel when I’m optimistic. I feel excited by life and all the options I have open to me which makes me more creative and I find more opportunities. I can’t wait to get started on my to-do list and get it all ticked off. This works so much better and makes life far easier than just grumping about doing nothing.

And that’s the other thing. It’s far easier to actually get started on your to-do list or challenges when you feel like you might actually achieve something. Even if it’s not everything, just doing something is a much bigger achievement than lolling around and moaning about how much you have to do or how big the mountain is that you need to climb.

Cutting those tasks into much smaller ones makes it even easier to achieve something too. I’ve been trying to write a couple of workshops for the last month and although I had a vague outline, I keep thinking that I’ll get round to it eventually. But now it’s been broken down into smaller tasks, it’s much easier to think about doing it and now, by the end of the week, I’ll have finished one of them.

I mean, I’m realistic enough to realise that this feeling won’t last forever but I’m optimistic that, even if when it does fade, I’ll get it back again. Having the tools available to help you out is such a good feeling that it doesn’t matter if things get crap. I can help myself get back to positivity again (even if that means asking someone to help me out). And that’s the great thing about coaching. It’s not necessarily about fixing all of your problems forever, it’s about knowing that you have the tools to be able to get through whatever comes your way in the future.


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