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We all need a little time to ourselves to rest and recuperate. Life is so busy and we’ve all got a lot to do during an average day and week. I’m feeling the strain at the moment while I’m still at my old job, coaching and training for the Camino (I feel tired just writing it). So this weekend I decided to take a bit of a rest.

It’s really difficult resting – I feel guilty that I’m not doing some training but it’s been really useful. I’ve not completely downed tools but it does mean I’ve had time to do some cooking and clean the house up a bit. I also feel so much better because of it. I feel more organised and ready for the week ahead.

Resting is essential and we do need to take the opportunity to do it regularly. Resting is when our bodies (and minds) start to mend from the strains of what we’ve been putting them through. Sleep is a prime example of this. When we sleep well, everything works so much better. It’s the time we need to get ready for the next day and a well-rested body and mind will help you do what you need to.

I used to get very little sleep most days, then I would sleep more at the weekend. I didn’t realise that if I slept a little more in the week, I would have so much more time at the weekend to do what I wanted to and enjoy myself. I also felt far better during the week and consequently made less mistakes and got more done.

Life is extraordinarily busy these days, especially when we feel like we’re expected to do things. But remember that it’s your life to be lived by you. You’re in it all the time, so when you go to that party you don’t want to, or take all the kids to an expensive party to show that you’re great too, you’re not doing anyone any favours. Least of all yourself. If you feel like your circle expects this of you and are unforgiving when you’re too tired or can’t afford the same things then I would urge you to change your circle.

Your circle should encourage you, they should want you to be happy regardless of whether you want the same things as them. When you have children, you have to look after yourself or you will not be in a state to look after anyone else. It’s difficult when you’re carrying the expectations of family, friends or society but look inside yourself. What’s right for you? In the long run, this will be what you need to keep yourself sane and whole.


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