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Stress Management

Over the last year I’ve seen people coping with so much stress and anxiety, it’s been incredible. There have been so many problems stemming from Covid-19, from having to stay at home to job losses and coping with home-schooling, loneliness and fear.

The reactions people have had to these have been very varied and some are interesting. Personally, I’ve cried a lot, got excited about small changes (being able to have a BBQ with my family, even distanced, was a massive highlight), gone through some depression which hasn’t been as severe as previous bouts but difficult nonetheless.

I’ve also seen people on social media getting furious about the little things, as well as big things that have happened.

In short, it’s been tough.

Stress and anxiety increase exponentially when things are out of our control and that includes being locked down, changing rules and not being able to plan a holiday.

Sometimes people don’t even realise they’re stressed or anxious about what’s happening because they feel like they’re coping ok or they perhaps don’t really mind having to stay in a bit more. I have joked many times that I like having to stay in and away from some people. But in reality, having the option to do it and being forced to do it are two very different things.

Stress and anxiety can show in many different ways such as fear, getting angry or annoyed more often, being snappy, getting upset, not sleeping very well, headaches, aches and pains. Realising that what’s going on gives you the option to do something about it though.

Talking to someone will help and you’ll probably find that they’ve felt the same at some point in the last year. Even the most serene of people will have struggled but there are things you can do to help yourself out.

I decided in our first lockdown to publish some stress management tips to give people some ideas of things they can do to help themselves when they’re struggling. These are all things I’ve learnt along the way to deal with crippling anxiety and general everyday stress.

I’ve put them all on my YouTube channel and you can click here to find them all 💖


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